Parents Area

Items to bring

  • 2 crib sheets
  • Blanket
  • 2-3 changes of clothes
  • Diapers and wipes
  • A water/sports bottle labeled with your child’s name
  • Any ointments or creams that may be needed, must be in original container and medication form must be filled out
  • Infants- must supply their own formula or breastmilk
  • Infants- at least 3 bottles

Every Friday your child’s linens will be sent home to be washed and needs to be brought back on the following Monday.

Parent Advisory Board

We need your help! We could use your collaboration and input. We need help with organizing, planning, and participation for school events, such as Teacher Appreciation Week, holiday celebrations, etc. Please let us know if you would like to be a part of this group. We would love to have extra hands for all the extra little things!

Our rates are as follows: Full-time and part-time if available is based upon daily charge of the weekly tuition.

  • 6 weeks – 13 months, $175 weekly. If you pay cash, you pay $150.
  • 14 months – 36 months, $160 weekly. If you pay cash, you pay $145.00
  • 37 months – 5 years, $140 weekly. If you pay cash, you pay $130.00
  • Weekly tuition changes after the first week of the child’s birthday

Other Fees are as follows:

  • Registration fee is $40 per child
  • Supply fee / list-supply fee is $40 due twice a year.
  • Tuition late fee $30 beginning Fridays at 5:01pm, per day, paydays are Fridays
  • Late pickup fee is $2 a minute starting at 5:05pm. Fee is due at pickup or child can not return until it is paid.